Terms and Conditions of Entry

Welcome to Trustpower Baypark

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, staff and participants at Trustpower Baypark, access is subject to the following Conditions of Entry and any additional conditions, rules or regulations of the Event owner and/or promoter. “Trustpower Baypark” means the site on which all Trustpower Baypark facilities and amenities are located including all surrounding areas occupied or managed by Bay Venues Limited. “Event” means any event taking place on site at Trustpower Baypark. The following items are not permitted into the stadium and facilities:
  • Alcohol or illegal substances
  • Beverages other than sealed water
  • Glass bottles or cans. NB: Hot beverages in thermos or water in personal water bottle are acceptable
  • Hot or commercial food including commercially labeled / wrapped food NB: Homemade food is acceptable i.e. bacon and egg pie, homemade sandwiches etc
  • Hard chilly bins or picnic baskets. A picnic prepared at home and carried in a soft container is acceptable. (Hard chilly bins or picnic baskets can impede emergency egress from the stadium)
  • Recording devices for commercial purposes
  • Sound amplifiers or musical instruments
  • Prams, strollers or pushchairs. NB: Foldable strollers that can be stored under your seat are acceptable
  • Chairs of any kind
  • Dogs or other pets (seeing and hearing eye dogs are permitted)
  • Skateboards, roller blades or scooters
  • Signs or banners that are deemed obscene, offensive or abusive
  • Knives or offensive and dangerous weapons
  • Flares, fireworks or laser pointers
  • Any other and devices that may create public nuisance, injury or damage
Please also note the following conditions:
  • Stadium management or event personnel reserve the right to search bags or persons
  • Searches may also be carried out during an event and when leaving Trustpower Baypark
  • Patrons who refuse to participate in searches may be denied entry to Trustpower Baypark or asked to leave the venue
  • Persons causing disturbance or failing to comply with terms and conditions of entry, stadium management or event personnel may be evicted without refund.
  • Please park bicycles in allocated areas. Bay Venues Limited takes no responsibility for loss or theft.
  • No gang patches shall be allowed onsite at Trustpower Baypark
  • No high visibility vests or jackets that may be confused with security or event staff shall be permitted onsite at Trustpower Baypark
  • Patrons must not sit or stand in aisles, or block entry doors or emergency exits
Patrons may be refused entry or removed from Trustpower Baypark if they:
  • Appear intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or exhibit disorderly behaviour
  • Fail to comply with security or event personnel
  • Attempt to bring in prohibited items
  • Have been issued with a trespass notice that still applies
  • Are carrying out unauthorised activities within the Stadium
  • Are not authorised to be in the Stadium, for example have no valid entry ticket or accreditation pass
Catering Trustpower Baypark is a fully catered venue. No bulk catering or commercial food and beverages are permitted on site. Homemade food, hot beverages in a thermos or cold water in personal water bottles are acceptable. Due to our liquor license, terms and conditions of entry is strictly no BYO alcohol. Smoking at Trustpower Baypark For the enjoyment of everyone, please comply with the following:
  • There is no smoking at Trustpower Baypark including the stadium, pavilions, amenities, pit area, carparks and indoor centre.
  • Please smoke in the designated smoking areas where sign posted.