Billboard Advertising

Outdoor advertising on Baypark billboards is a convenient and effective method of reaching wide audiences with high impact.

Use our great location target your audience, whether they are city bound, Mount bound or South bound! Deliver your message continuously and frequently.

An average of 25,000 vehicles use SH2 carriage way per day, 12,500 in each direction. Trustpower Baypark is permitted to illuminate the billboards during opening hours.

Billboard Sizes

  • Sites 1-8 = 6m x 3m

  • Sites 9 & 10 = 7.25m x 3.5m

Please note your billboard must meet NZTA specifications.

If you have any questions or are interested in Billboard advertising please contact us.

Billboard Site Map

Stadium Signage

Perimeter signage in the stadium enables you to deliver your brand and messages to sports fans, event patrons and corporate clients right amongst the action and emotion of live events.

Perimeter signage is located at the rear of seating bays around the border of the stadium.

Perimeter Signage is 4m x 1.2m and can be booked in sets of 1, 4 and 5.

If you are interested in Perimeter Signage please contact us.

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