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A full complement of Audio Visual Services is available with Bay Audio Visual. On-site food and beverage catering services are provided by Bay Catering. For all venue booking enquiries, contact us.

Trustpower Arena

  • 13,000 m²

Trustpower Arena provides the perfect setting for a wide range of catered events, exhibitions, concerts and more. It’s a place of possibilities, so talk to us about your next event today.

Lion Foundation Centre

  • 2,349 m2 (38m x 61.83m)
  • Theatre 4,400 pax
  • Cabaret 780 pax
  • Classroom 500 pax
  • Cocktail 4,400 pax
  • Banquet 1,500 pax

The Lion Foundation Centre is a premium 2400 m² space featuring three sports courts and climate control technology to keep both athletes and spectators cool.

TECT Auditorium

  • 4,583 m2 (72.6m x 63.13m)
  • Theatre 5,000 pax
  • Cabaret 1,500 pax
  • Classroom 300 pax
  • Cocktail 5,000 pax
  • Banquet 2,500 pax

The TECT Auditorium spans more than 4500m², and is an ideal venue for concerts, conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions. This bustling Tauranga hub is popular among exhibitors and guests alike.

Arena Combined Suites

  • 435 m2
  • Theatre 330 pax
  • Cabaret 144 pax
  • Classroom 120 pax
  • Cocktail 369 pax
  • Banquet 280 pax

The Trustpower Arena Combined Suites were designed to create options around the space and functionality of your events.

Arena Individual Suites

  • 101-115 m2
  • Theatre 80 pax
  • Cabaret 36 pax
  • Classroom 36 pax
  • U-Shape 24 pax
  • Cocktail 92 pax
  • Banquet 60 pax

Individual Suites are located upstairs in the Trustpower Arena and are ideal for hosting meetings, conferences, and small seminars.

Outdoor Space

  • 700 m² courtyard

Trustpower Baypark hosts a number of spacious outdoor areas that can be utilised for events. These include our concreted asphalt carpark and plaza plus various grass training fields and carpark areas.

Trustpower Stadium

  • ---

Trustpower Baypark Stadium is the home of Baypark Speedway and boasts the Southern Hemisphere’s largest speedway track.

Stadium Lounge

  • 740 m2
  • Theatre 800 pax
  • Cabaret 400 pax
  • Classroom 300 pax
  • Cocktail 1000 pax
  • Banquet 450 pax

The Stadium Lounge is a self-contained venue situated within Trustpower Stadium at Baypark, offering you a secure and private environment to host your public or private function.

Premium Lounge

  • 50 m2
  • Theatre 30 pax
  • Cabaret 24 pax
  • Classroom 20 pax
  • U-Shape 15 pax
  • Cocktail 70 pax
  • Banquet 30 pax

Be perfectly placed to view all the action in the stadium below. The Premium Lounge is fitted with your own bar and premium balcony seating. The Premium Lounge is a perfect size for small meetings in an intimate setting with natural light.

Corporate Lounge

  • 60 m2
  • Theatre 40 pax
  • Cabaret 24 pax
  • Classroom 20 pax
  • U-Shape 15 pax
  • Cocktail 40 pax
  • Banquet 30 pax

Located on level one of Trustpower Stadium, the Corporate Lounge is comfortable, modern and of a high standard. This is some of the best seats in the house to watch events in the Stadium. It also functions as the perfect space for an intimate meeting with natural light.

Corporate Boxes

  • 30 m2
  • Theatre 20 pax
  • Cabaret 12 pax
  • Classroom 10 pax
  • U-Shape 12 pax
  • Cocktail 20 pax
  • Banquet 20 pax

Corporate boxes are great ways to entertain your guests whilst getting in amongst all the action. We have businesses snap up their corporate boxes year after year and they can also be leased on a casual basis for one-off events.