That’s it! I’m OUT of Here!

That’s it! I’m OUT of Here! – a collaboration of strength and courage

Steffi August, author of That’s it! I’m OUT of Here! shares her story of bravery and courage in collaboration with 14 local women aimed at supporting and encouraging others to make a change.

In their own words, each woman shares her unique story of struggle and hardship before finding the courage to listen to their inner voice and taking the leap to a more enriching life.

August gives readers the opportunity to recognise themselves in these accounts, knowing that sharing her story and others’ could be the key in unlocking someone else’s prison.

“Allowing these women to tell the stories of their own successful transformation, will persuade more people to make the break,” says August.

“Making the decision to leave or change a situation can be scary, but the fact is now is the best time. It is an incredible feeling, an empowering moment when you finally decide: That’s it! I’m OUT of here!. Most importantly the courage of these incredible women acts as a reminder that you’re not on your own,” she says.

An energetic powerhouse Steffi August is a professional motivational speaker, author, and scholarship recipient who is driven to help people gain confidence by shifting them out of their comfort zone and into a new space of growth and fulfilment.

To celebrate these amazing women and inspire others to make a change in their life Steffi will be running a presentation tour based on the book at various locations around the North Island.

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  • July 17, 2017 6:30pm - 8:30pm
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