It’s time to TALK

It’s time to talk!

2 workshops – 1 for Women and 1 for Men

  • Do you feel like you’re never enough?
  • Do you lack life purpose?
  • Are you struggling with stress, anxiety, and/or depression?
  • What do you REALLY want in life?
  • What is your REAL passion in life

This seminar is the perfect first step in learning how to unlock your full potential from the inside out.

These days very few people make the time to have deep and meaningful conversations to check in on their friends, family and loved ones.  There are various reasons but people are busy and many reply on social media as a way of ‘connecting’ with others.​

Everybody is stuck on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter and there are very few personal conversations going on.  Sometimes you even see couples having a dinner out and both are glued to their cellphones – crazy. No wonder there are so many mental health issues, suicides and lonely people when people don’t make the time to connect to each other.​

So, “It’s time to TALK!”

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  • June 19, 2019 7 - 9.30pm
    Doors Open - 7pm
  • July 10, 2019 7 - 9.30pm
    Doors Open - 7pm
Trustpower Arena, Baypark, 81 Truman Lane, Mount Maunganui

Trustpower Baypark Arena can cater to most sport events with their facilities which includes the TECT 6 court auditorium.